Core Values

We Believe:


C: Children and youth are an essential part of our church.  


R: Real worship brings people into God's presence.  


O: One mark of the mature Christian is a life of prayer. 


S: Solid Biblical teaching is necessary for life transformation.  


S: Sharing the hope of the Gospel is essential to the church's mission.


R:  Results of the maturing Christian's life are creatively excelling in life and ministry.


O:  One more mark of the Christian's life is to give our time, talent and treasure.


A:  All people are welcome to come in and no one is welcome to stay the same.  We believe that people don't have to pretend to be something they are not to be accepted in our church.


D:  Doing the word is just as important as hearing it.  We must put our spiritual gifts into practice.


S:  Spiritual fruit is a natural byproduct of the growing Christian.




Prayer 6:18



Follow the link to submit a prayer request that our prayer team can confidentially pray for on your behalf.

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